Our Services

Out Patient Department

  • Basic checkup
  • No hidden Charges
  • Time of completion=half an hour

Cataract Operation using Rigid Lens

  • Cataract operation
  • No hidden Charges
  • Time of completion=in an hour or two

Cataract Operation using Foldable lens

  • Cataract Operation
  • No hidden Charges
  • Time of completion in an hour or two

Phaco Surgery with high Quality Lens

  • Phaco Emulsification
  • No hidden Charges
  • Time of completion=within an hour

We also have two branches of Lumbini Netralaya(Community Based Satellite Clinic) running efficiently at:

  1. Lumbini Netralaya

Location:Kotahi Gaau Palika,Marchawar.

Ticket fee: Rs 100 only.

Check up Days: Saturday and Wednesday.

 2. Lumbini Netralaya


Price: Rs 100 only

Check up Day: Saturday

This year only,we were able to conduct 6 free DST camps which greatly benefited local peoples.We were able to bring back vision in many clients for free. 


We specialize in every minor and major surgeries for your eyes.Here are the services that we offer:

We, here at Lumbini Netralaya are very protetive towards our patient's as well as doctor's health,so during this pandamic,we are providing regular services following and cleanliness and sanitary precautions and maintaining social distance.